Counsellor At Law

Ermin Gačanović

Counsellor At Law, Ermin Gačanović, fully represents in all legal activities before all courts, authorities and third parties, in criminal, legal, extrajudicial, administrative and other proceedings.
Full legal representation includes the drafting of legal instruments in accordance with the law, filing of legal remedies, exercise of enforcements and undertaking of all other legal actions which are deemed favorable for the clients within the entrusted representation.

Areas of Specialty:

Consultancy services in the area of Financial Crime Risk Management, Prevention and Investigation of Corporate Fraud and Misconduct.


Trampina 4.
71000 Sarajevo,
Bosna i Hercegovina


Phone: +387 (0)33 208 648
Fax: +387 (0)33 208 648
Cell: +387 (0)61 226 610